Racist Lincoln


During one of his famed senatorial debates with Stephen Douglas in 1858, Lincoln said: “There is a physical difference between the White and Black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality.” Aug. 14, 1862, Lincoln invited free Black […]

Stop being Reconstructed


In theory, “Reconstruction” was the process of re-integrating the rebellious states into the One Holy Eternal Union. In practice, it was a reign of terror and plunder swaddled in the rhetoric of righteousness and carried out through the apparatus of military dictatorship. William N. Grigg, “Civil Rights” and Total War, […]

Lincoln’s Tax ship that started the War


Lincoln’s Tax ship that started the War by Ryan Dawson Did the South start the war at Fort Sumter? No. Lincoln started the war trying to collect taxes in Charleston Harbor. When Lincoln could not forcefully collect taxes from South Carolina which had seceded, he created a blockade. What is […]

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