Woke Mob continues to attack Memorials and Monuments


Digging up and removing the remains of Nathan Forrest and his wife. This is mainly spurred by the Hollywood propaganda from films like Forrest Gump which told the world Nathan Forrest started and led the Ku Klux Klan. There no point in having Nathan Forrest in that movie other than to smear his name. The main character was named Forrest solely to make a reference later with a black and white film about General Forrest and the KKK. Eric Roth, wrote the entire film about a young handicapped boy in Alabama who was of course a simpleton, choosing his name to be Forrest for no other reason than to attack the reputation of Gen. Forrest in the middle of the film. The time periods are 100 years apart. This type of “well everybody knows x” tactic worked wonders. In fact nearly no one watching Forrest Gump knew anything about Nathan Forrest or who he existed at all. Now they know even less because what they were told was pure fiction. Many of the historical events in Forrest Gump are fictional but it is normally so over the top the audience could pick up on it. They walked away from Gump learning one thing about the Civil War and that is a General named Forrest was a mean racist who started the KKK. Fast Forward and generation ignorance is protesting the statues and everyone form the New York Times to CNN is screaming about the founder of the Klan.

Well we may not have the power of Hollywood, and social media would ban anyone who defended Forrest because truth is hate speech, but we do have books. And I would recommend you start with this one.

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